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Your system may have a different way to restart the CUPS server. You may optionally choose to update your existing PPD files using the command cups-genppdupdate, after which you should epson pm740c CUPS as described above. We strongly recommend use of this update procedure.

This epson pm740c will automatically update Gutenprint PPD files from earlier versions. However, you may install Gutenprint 5. Therefore, you need not convert a workflow based on Gimp-Print 4. Distributors may wish to package up the PPD files separately epson pm740c each language. If this is the case on your system, you should use --disable-translated-cups-ppds to avoid having many duplicate PPD files.

By default, if you are using CUPS 1. If you do not wish to use this facility because the PPD files created are epson pm740c problems for certain applicationsyou may use this option to suppress the globalization.

Chip Resetters : for EPSON QE CHIP RESETTER

If this option is used, both the simplified and standard PPD files are created. If this option is used, Level 2 PPD files are epson pm740c. This may be useful if epson pm740c are using a version of CUPS older than 1. It is normally not necessary to use this explicitly, as the configure script detects the version of CUPS in use and selects the appropriate PostScript level automatically. There is normally no good reason to use this option. Warning: Use of this option may lead to failure during build or installation, or incorrect installation, as described above.

It is strongly recommended that you not use this option unless you are certain that you understand the problem and how to work around it. We recommend that your installation package run cups-genppdupdate and restart CUPS as part of the installation process. We recommend that your installation process detect printers using the epson and canon back ends and convert them to a different epson pm740c usually the usb or a parallel port backend. All files and directories with versioned names e. Other executables such as cups-genppdupdate and cups-calibrate are not versioned, but are not linked against libgutenprint and do not have any other dependencies on Gutenprint.

You may wish to use --disable-static-genppd if your distribution separates the Gutenprint core libraries from the CUPS component. Be sure that you understand the issues surrounding this.

Gutenprint 5.2: User's Manual

It uses XML data describing printer and driver capabilities in conjunction with Ghostscript to allow printing in any environment. However, some systems many releases of Fedora Core, for example use Foomatic as the epson pm740c for all printer information; the tools provided on those systems will not recognize the CUPS PPD files.

The Gutenprint driver for Foomatic requires Foomatic 2. It also requires GNU Ghostscript 6. It is epson pm740c to use the Ghostscript driver without Foomatic, but the Gutenprint options are complex and subject to change without notice. Older printer configuration tools such as apsfilter and magicfilter do not provide a convenient interface to epson pm740c driver's capabilities.

Epson PowerLite 740c

Therefore, we no longer provide documentation on direct use of the Ghostscript driver without the Foomatic front end. Epson pm740c Ghostscript driver in Gutenprint 5. IJS is a protocol originally developed by Hewlett-Packard to allow new drivers to be used with Ghostscript without having to be compiled into Ghostscript. We no longer. This driver was difficult to maintain and required a complex procedure to integrate with Ghostscript.

The full-featured driver is named gutenprint-ijs. This allows Gutenprint 5.

Normally, the Gutenprint configure script will automatically detect the presence of Foomatic and Ghostscript on your system. In some cases, you may have to install a Ghostscript development package that may be named gs-devel, ghostscript-library, or the like for the IJS capability. The Foomatic driver will not allow use of PPD files created from Foomatic data from a different version of Gutenprint. This ensures that the PPD files accurately match the driver in use.EPSON. Knowledge Base. Article: KB How can I install the CUPS version /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p pmc -E -v ekplp:/var/ekpd/ekplp0 -m Epson Epson pm740c c. You are providing your consent to Epson America, Inc., doing business as Epson, so that we may send you promotional emails.

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