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IBM Migrating from SDDDSM to Microsoft's MSDSM - SVC/Storwize

An array has a defined strip size. Find the duplicate idea: Here your reads will come ibm svc sdd just one disk in the array. The following extra specs are supported:. For example:. A value of True should be used to request a back-end that supports compression, and a value of False will request a back-end that does not support compression.

If you do not have constraints on compression support, do not set this key. Note that specifying True does not enable compression; it only requests that the volume be placed on a back-end ibm svc sdd supports compression. Example syntax:. These keys have the same semantics as their counterparts in the configuration file. Not sure if you can find the download easily.

Below is the "dmesg" output. So it will impact the raw device Discussion started by: devyfong.

After a memory upgrade all network interfaces are misconfigued. How do i resolve this issue.

You can have a host presented a volume from one ibm svc sdd and another volume from a different array. This is what this message is all about. Looking at this more in depth, I have actually found another strong argument against SVC, thanks Todd!

Filesystems, Disks and Memory

In case of Oracle1, the database files will have a 5ms latency impact for both read and write forcing application to have a performance penalty, and Oracle2 will also have a performance penalty, as the database writer will have to wait for the Log Writer, that is traveling thewhole 5ms to the remote SVC appliance slowing down the application. So by ibm svc sdd this you will not only impact one of the applications, you will impact all applications that are now ibm svc sdd across 2 IO groups….

Have you looked at the limitations of volume move in SVC with 6. You mention ibm svc sdd geographically move an entire IO group to load balance?

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If you mention replication to move IO groups, this is not an online migration, this is offline using a replication product…. One thing is what you can do from a marketing point of view with ibm svc sdd product, and a different argument is what is technically feasible to do. You claim you can go km, ibm svc sdd would a customer actually do it?


In addition, with VPLEX you will have only a single round trip, but with SVC you can have 2 or even 3 round trips, making a km solution a km solution…. VPLEX is supporting whatever distance you can reach within the 5ms latency. Think we talked ibm svc sdd about theoretical distance, and what each product can do with what penalties.

IBM Subsystem Device Driver Device Specific Module (SDDDSM)

It is also very important to compare equal to equal, as mentioned before having volumes with 4 snaps each ibm svc sdd will require a minimum of 4 SVC clusters, something you can easily do with one single VPLEX cluster. As soon as customers have arrays that are not on the Support Matrix, they will be qualified. Several years ago when VMware came on the market it had a limited support for arrays and applications compared to Solaris.


Where is Solaris now and where is VMware now…."Support Matrix for Subsystem Device Driver (SDD), Subsystem Device SDDDSM Package for SAN Volume Controller (SVC).

Dec 3, The recommended multi-path driver ibm svc sdd use on the Microsoft Windows platform when attached to SVC and Storwize storage devices running microcode levels V and later is changing from the SDDDSM to the default MSDSM. IBM has created a simple BATCH file to automate the procedure.

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