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Compiz whitelisted driver

The 1 feature to me is the grid plugin. You get the idea. The corners of the screen also act as hotspots for these features. Not only are these things easy to remember, they provide users of other operating systems comfortability when using Ubuntu. I'm not saying all of these specific shortcuts should be used, as Ubuntu should remain unique, but they are things to take into consideration. This is pretty annoying, it is easy to move the mouse to the left screen compiz whitelisted and move the wheel, but it's pretty hard to move it to left without beeing completely at the edge.


In Metacity this works well. CompositeByDefault last edited by localhost.

CompositeByDefault - Ubuntu Wiki

Previously, you had 7. Compiz whitelisted, you could try to downgrade unity to the previous version. An alternative is to apply the patch posted by timekiller and rebuild from source the lastest Unity 7.

Now it works almost perfect. This is what I've updated: capplets-data I don't get any freezes with Compiz enabled any more even if I try to run more 3d Applications simultaneously. I have tested it for about 3 weeks before I post compiz whitelisted and I had no freezes at all. For my card the radeon driver works very very nice with EXA and Compiz enabled.

I would propose to whitelist this card if there is a possibility to set EXA mod in xorg. The funny thing is that I've been using it without problems since Edgy. Actually I decided to switch to Ubuntu because it worked without a lot of effort here. I could easily find the cause and the workaround, compiz is working quite well now, but I thing it can be quite frustrating for an unexperienced user, mostly considering it worked just fine before. All ati compiz whitelisted on laptops are blocked. Are we gonna make a whitelist for those laptops that work?

Please point me to a valid bug report compiz whitelisted any, since this bug report is "Won't fix".

[ubuntu] Trying To Get Compiz, WHITELIST Driver Not Found

I think the ATI blacklisting should be removed for intrepid, since intrepid compiz whitelisted a lot of ati-related fixes done now that AMD has released documentation. This bug should probably reopened and targeted to intrepid, since it's valid and only depends on the development of the drivers instead of being "won't fix". Intrepid now has xserver- xorg-video- ati 6. There probably will be even newer ati release than 6.

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Tasks related to this task 0 Remove Duplicate tasks of this task 0. You may also consider changing compiz whitelisted options, especially changing the compositing type. Viewed times. You might want to warn people about that in the article.

Thanks a lot man! I am up and running on Jaunty.

How to install Compiz on Fedora 17 XFCE Spin

Anyways, I wanted to thank you for the install walk through. It had enough info that I compiz whitelisted what I needed to tweak and where for things to work right in Jaunty, but it was straight forward enough for a nub like me to figure it out as well.


Also, shadowsky appears correct about the rc file. I have Compiz Fusion working on Xubuntu Jaunty. Hey, I am not familiar with Sidux at all this is compiz whitelisted Xubuntu Blog, after allbut from what I can tell from basic research, you need the compiz-gtk package which should be already installed, I thinkand then instead of Emerald as your window decorator you need the command gtk-window-decorator.Please include the radeonhd driver in the Compiz whitelist. This driver supports Compiz, even if Ubuntu uses ati/radeon as default.

This is the output i get when I try to activate Compiz Checking for Xgl: not present. [email protected]:~$ Compiz whitelisted whitelisted.

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