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The fragmentation will still occur, but the atl1 driver won't spew the error message that contributes to network slowdown. You can avoid this condition and significantly improve network performance by adjusting the MTU size downward on your atl1 box. Retrieved 21 February Retrieved 17 January Retrieved 7 January Retrieved 19 October Retrieved 1 October Retrieved 16 September Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 9 December The tip on using modinfo to get the pci device data was key. Great article, I was able to make my boards atheros NIC work, but after downloading stage2. Centos attansic l1 Us name Please enter your name. You'll want to turn off TSO. See this site for details on how to do that.

Comment 8 chris burnat CEST. ElRepo provides an rpm with the atl1e. First of all the netinstall iso centos attansic l1 the rpm containing the module are needed I created a directory to store all the files related to this thing :.

Netboot CentOS using Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet – /dev/blog

Our rework on the modules subdirectory is done, so we can rebuild the initrd archive and the netinstall iso:. Filed under Centos attansic l1 Tagged with centoskernellinuxoslredhat. Welcome to LinuxQuestions.


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Install Stock CentOS 5 on your OVH Server [1 COMMAND]

centos attansic l1 Any more swapping and your system will just get slow. I've been busy with a lot of other coding work so haven't had a chance to get many updates done to this yet. Howdy, aye yes it did reboot ok I can't remember off the top of my head if I had any other problems, but I did use it centos attansic l1 production use with the Virtualmin control panel and a few websites I ended up removing it later on and installing the 64bit OVH version though. Forgot to say, that was on one of the Kimsufi's Q machines.

AdamB: after installing it did you manage to reboot in normal mode and successfully ping the box? I have tried centos attansic l1 install with vKVM before and the installation went great but when it came to the reboot it didn't have the correct drivers configured for booting up.

I managed to install Centos 5 via the vKVM system, seemed to work ok, although on the first try the vKVM screen centos attansic l1 let me enter any details, heh After a reboot it worked ok and I installed Centos 5 ok. So I would be looking at creating a pxe image that includes all OVH network card drivers. I guess I could email support and ask them for a list.

Get the modules 2. Modify initial ramdisk 2. Sign up to join this community. Centos attansic l1 best answers are voted up and rise to the top. When possibleconsider using torrents to run the downloads.

Not only. There are currently over three hundred people. However direct downloads are.

A geoip. Some mirrors also publish DVD images that can be downloaded directly.

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Don't use a vendor version older than 1. Here are some drivers for the L1 that were adapted for inclusion in the mainline kernel.The corresponding centos attansic l1 is part of the mainline kernel since (April ), but CentOS 5.x still uses a kernel version which lacks. (If you just want to know, how to get CentOS working with the L1 without caring about netboot etc., have a look at CentOS and Attansic L1.


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