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I just tried the emulator I implemented in on the snapshot 1. Workaround at Skip to content. It's probably a text g15 logitech lcd issue. EDIT- Confirmed the bit g15 logitech lcd is working, as well! Looks good here on a G13 with the 64bit build on win7pro x Viewed 2k times. Robotnik 2, 2 2 gold badges 18 18 silver badges 38 38 bronze badges.


While this is a good question, I still g15 logitech lcd it entertaining that people want little things to show up on their keyboard, when they should be looking at the monitor. Jun 20, 4. Jun 20, 5.

Problem With Logitech G15 LCD display! [H]ard Forum

Messages: 17, Joined: May 5, How truly useful the LCD will be is yet to be determined, but the prospects are great. The second major feature of the G15, and the reason it is gi-normous, is the large set of programmable macro g15 logitech lcd along the left side. Three sets g15 logitech lcd six macro keys adorn the side, along with three mode keys. The mode keys switch the set of 18 macro keys to a different set of macros, effectively making the keyboard capable of supporting 54 macros.

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Please direct your inquiries regarding add-on products to the appropriate third party vendor. To improve comfort Logitech uses a removable wrist rest on the new G15 that is a black plastic with a slight texture to it. However, if you do take your G15 on the road frequently, beware that the little pins that keep the wrist rest attached to the keyboard g15 logitech lcd look a bit thin to me. Logitech provided trenches on the underside of the G15 to route cables from behind the keyboard to the front without upsetting the keyboards balance.

Anyone here still using a Logitech G15 ( from 2005 )

I kinda still have both G15 original and MX G15 was my favorite board, but G15 logitech lcd no longer have space for a full-sized KB on my desk. Joined Nov 6, Messages 24 0.

I still have my G G15 logitech lcd still works though I don't use it since I have a Corsair now. LindemanT New Member. I did some searches in the forums and I see other people have had the same problem but do g15 logitech lcd see any solutions posted yet, mind there were a lot of hits and I didn't read them all.

Getting started - G15 Gaming Keyboard – Logitech Support + Download

G15 was my favorite board, but I no longer have space for a full-sized KB on my desk. Joined Nov 6, Messages 24 0.

I still have my G It still works though I don't use it since I have a Corsair g15 logitech lcd. LindemanT New Member. Joined Jul 22, Messages 1 0. Forums Hardware Components. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Previous Next. This is where g15 logitech lcd of the original G fans are going to get ticked. There were a lot of mixed thoughts on reducing the number of G-keys to 6, but I think that the G15 product manager explained the change pretty well:.

Usage: Run the program and wait for it to connect, once it's displayed on the screen you can press the second screen button to g15 logitech lcd the available channels, press it again to navigate the list. You signed in with another tab or window. Maybe that'll work too. SarverSystemsJun 21, Messages: 30, Joined: Aug 9, Hey guys, yesterday I was given the Logitech G15, and I love it.


The LCD screen doesn't really seem like a gimmick like a lot of other features on other keyboards because it's very helpful and useful. However I was wondering whether you can get custom apps for that LCD display. The Logitech® G, G15 and G19 keyboards, and the G13 Advanced Take full advantage of the G15 logitech lcd GamePanel™ LCD technology using the games.

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