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canon ir1024a scannerApplications of Pulse Pickers
intel r 82567lm 3Q-Driveā„¢ for Q-switched lasers

Some typical applications of a pulse picker are described in the following: For obtaining high pulse energies high rep rate pockels cell ultrashort pulses, it is frequently necessary to reduce the pulse repetition rate. This can be achieved by placing a pulse picker between the seed laser and the amplifier.

Our high rep rate pockels cell expertise is by no means limited to this list of products. This means that slowly varying drive pulses can be used and that changes in timing will not greatly affect the transmission of the pulse picker. Occasionally pulse clean up may be required also and a shorter gate may be necessary to remove unwanted optical pulses in the train that occur between the main pulses. If a short gate drive is used the timing becomes more critical and it will be necessary to synchronise the driver to the RF drive to the cavity as well as to the peak of the mode locked train for a "Q" switched mode locked system.


Kentech can supply suitable trigger circuits for this purpose. This requirement is normally required to stop the build up of Amplified Stimulated Emmision. It would use a system like a pulse picker or extra cavity chopper.

Electro-Optic Q-Switch Driver

Our Pockels cell drivers include the Q-series Q-switch drivers and R-series regenerative amplifier drivers. Apr Show more. Aug We report a stable optical fiber pumped Nd:YVO4 all solid state regenerative amplifier with all fiber picosecond laser as seed source. At the repetition rate of The wavelength delivered was A novel wavelength-independent off-axis technique was used to deliver It was seeded by means of a fs Yb:YVO4 oscillator. It generates as much as high rep rate pockels cell. Peng Gao Jie Guo. An average power of up to 19 W is obtained at 8. With electro-optic cavity dumping, pulse energies of Dec Optic Lett.

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DQ High Repetition Rate Pockels Cell Driver for Q-Switching Eksma Optics

Ability to operate at high pulse repetition rates makes this driver perfect fit for most of diode-pumped nanosecond lasers. For pulse repetition rates up to 10 kHz heatsink is not required.

Monocular vision for pose estimation in space based on cone projection. This paper presents a three-dimensional 3-D pose estimation algorithm based on monocular vision.

DQ High Repetition Rate Pockels Cell Driver for Q-Switching

The algorithm relies on the circle target whose radius is known, with the scale condition high rep rate pockels cell, the depth information of the circle can be recovered incompletely, and finally the pose of the target can be estimated by single projection only. First, the circle target was mapped to be an upright elliptic cone in the pinhole imaging model. Second, radius constraint was applied to recover partial depth of the circle target based on the upright elliptic cone. Experimental work concerning the validity and accuracy of this method is presented; furthermore, an application case for robot-aided positioning is introduced. Improving partial wetting resolution on flexible substrates for application of polymer optical waveguides. Considering the increasing amount of data for communication and infotainment applications, fabrication of optical networks and bus systems is a challenging task for production engineering.

A two-step manufacturing process for polymer optical waveguides is presented. By improving the highly efficient flexographic printing technology by laser functionalization of the printing tool in combination with a subsequent spray application, high-quality waveguides are accomplished.


By adjusting the resulting surface energy of the foil substrate in the first fabrication process, the spray application achieved high-aspect ratio waveguides with a low attenuation of 0. Miniaturized variable-focus objective employing a liquid-filled tunable aspherical lens. We discuss the design, realization, and characterization of a miniaturized focus-tunable camera objective featuring a gravity-neutral, liquid-tunable aspherical lens and compare its performance to an equivalent system optimized for a conventional tunable lens. Through ray-tracing simulations and experimental results, we demonstrate that for optical high rep rate pockels cell of identical complexity, tunable aspherical lenses provide substantially better imaging quality over the object distance range of interest, compared to conventional, spherical tunable lenses.

Instrumentation, Techniques, and Measurement.

Subpixel displacement measurement method based on the combination of particle swarm optimization and gradient algorithm.DQ Series high repetition rate Pockels cell driver has been designed for use in mode-locked lasers for cavity dumping or for cavity Q-switching of solid-state. Products - DQ High Repetition Rate Pockels cell Driver for Q-switching. See page DPD cavity Dumping & Pulse Picking. High rep rate pockels cell cell Drivers.

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