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Change the switch to the Micro setting. Now, you need digi x ctu upload a sketch to the other board. Make sure its switch is in the USB setting. Then upload the following sketch to the board:.

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When it's finished uploading, check that it's working with the Arduino serial monitor. In this case, you must use the ATID command. Forum Share digi x ctu questions with our Developer Community. They are simple devices that can be used to set up serial communications between applications. We will be constructing a point-to-point network, meaning two devices are going to communicate with each other.

Download and install XCTU

The unique graphical network view visually presents your Digi XBee network along with the signal strength of each connection. If not, check out the troubleshooting page.


That your XBees can talk digi x ctu each other out of the digi x ctu is no real surprise. They're all configured, by default, to be on the same network with the same addresses. That might be OK, but what if your neighbor is running an XBee-based robot control network, while you're trying to automate your house? Every time they try to roll a bot forward, your garage door might open! To be safe, you should configure your XBees to operate on a unique network. Fortunately, that, and most other XBee settings are easy to change.

On to the next page! As we've mentioned, XBees are awesome because they're highly -- and easily -- configurable.

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Most of the XBee configuration settings come down to controlling which other XBees it can talk to. On digi x ctu page, we'll show you how to configure three of the most important XBee settings there are for a point-to-point communication:.

There are a few levels to XBee networks. First, there's the channel. This controls the frequency band that your XBee communicates over.

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Most XBee's operate on the 2. You can usually leave the digi x ctu setting alone, or at least make sure every XBee you want to have on the same network operates on the same channel. XBees can only communicate with each other if they have the same network ID.

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There being possible ID's, there's a very small chance that your neighbor will be operating on the same network as long as you change it from the default! Finally there are MY and destination addresses. Another setting, the destination addressdetermines which source address an Digi x ctu can send data to. For one XBee to be able to send data to another, it must have the same destination address as the other XBee's source. If you're still over in the console tab, click back over to the Configuration tab Beside each of those blocks is a text box -- that's where we'll type in our new settings.


Digi x ctu by coming up with a unique network ID number. Think of your favorite number between 0 andconsult your friends and neighbors to make sure your favorite isn't their favorite, then convert it to hexadecimal. We must check each parameter first. If a coordinator is not detected, the router will leave its current channel and attempt to join a new PAN.


The tool provides three session modes and several payload configuration options to test different combinations and understand the performance of your wireless network. XCTU is a free multi-platform application designed to enable developers to interact with Digi RF modules through a simple-to-use graphical interface. That will prompt this screen to show up:. If you're lucky or just don't have a lot of stuff connected to your computer you may only have one option here. If you're using a Serial Digi x ctu instead, pick the "Communications Port" option.

This window also allows digi x ctu to specify more specific serial characteristics like baud rate, data bits, and stop bits.XCTU is a free, multi-platform application compatible with Windows, MacOS and to interact with Digi RF modules through a simple-to-use graphical interface. Step 2: Download and install XCTU.

This section contains download and install instructions based on operating system. XCTU is compatible.

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