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Effective immediately we will be deleting, without notice, any negative threads or posts that deal with the use of encryption and streaming of scanner audio. We've noticed a huge increase in rants and negative posts that revolve around agencies going to encryption due to gre 30-3290 usb pcif broadcasting of scanner audio on the internet. It's now worn out and continues to be the same recycled rants. These rants hijack the threads and derail the conversation.

Gre America PSR Digital Triple Trunking Desktop/Mobile Scanner (PSR) from Solid Signal

This Cable Eliminated the need for hand-programming of your scanner. You can use V-Scanners to store configurations for different geographical areas or usage styles. Twenty-one V-Scanner Folders are provided, each capable of storing over 1, objects.


Talkgroup call and individual call monitoring are supported. Supports trunking operation in virtually any gre 30-3290 usb pcif mobile radio band, including MHz and the new Federal MHz band! Remote Control Capability Can be used with third party application software to remotely control the scanner from a personal computer. Special Report PSR v2. Full Documentation for SerialMagic Pro.


PCs For Dummies! No slicer needed. This email address must be the email address used when you registered your license key.

The system will search the database for any licenses that have been registered to the email address provided. If any are found, an email will be sent to that address with the license key information.

PSR500DL Program Manual Version 1.01

If no matches are found, a one time error notification will be sent to that address. Further requests for that email address will not receive any notice. Please note gre 30-3290 usb pcif the system will only allow you to request your license information five times, after which you will need to contact support psredit.

This provides amble capacity for more sophisticated hobbyists and professionals while keeping the database size manageable for beginners. Start in Administrator Mode Right click on the icon or menu item used to start the program.

gre 30-3290 usb pcif Select the "Run as Administrator" option in the menu that appears. If prompted, allow the program to run as Administrator and enter the administrator password if required. At this point the program should start, enter the license key information To verify the license information has been properly stored, exit the program and restart. If the key was stored correctly, the prompt to enter the key should no longer be presented. This email address must be the email address used when you registered your license key.

It is USB 1. Refer to the link in post 2 above for release notes Gilligan Member Database Admin. What does the new driver actually update? gre 30-3290 usb pcif

Gre 30-3290 usb pcif changes does it make? This radio has a hot front end; in fact, maybe too hot. Our local FM radio station caused me a bit of grief in testing when I added any substantial antenna, such as a beam, etc. To my ear, the audio delivered by the PSR is good, but it is just a tad tinny.

GRE 30-3290 USB PCIF DRIVERS (2019)

But audio levels are gre 30-3290 usb pcif good, with good range of control on the volume knob. Many times, when I would readjust the squelch, the volume knob turned at the same time. I would have to turn the volume back up, then adjust the squelch control. I am concerned about the keypad durability and the belt clip.

- tachandboumi31's soup

I have a Pro that is next to useless now, due to keypad wear.privileges. Insert the USB cable into the USB port on your PC. When using Windows Vista/ XP, the following Gre 30-3290 usb pcif Driver installing message will be. An update for the USB PC/IF programing cable is available on the GRE web site. Sorry, read DonS post before downloading this driver.

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