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Dialogic Diva 4BRI-8 PCI v2 (network) drivers for Windows

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The user can issue the AT H command to reject the incoming call. Enables auto answer. Incoming calls are indicated by a RING and accepted automatically. Default value is set to zero e.


Modem mode: time to wait for carrier. Sets the time in seconds dialogic diva 4bri-8 pci v2 the modem will wait for a carrier before hanging up. Fax mode: time to wait for connect. Sets the time in seconds that fax will wait for connection before hanging up.

Suggested value is seconds. Values less than 10 seconds are ignored. The carrier waiting time starts after the connection was established and is set to 60 seconds. Carrier Detect Response Time. Sets the time in tenths of a second that dialogic diva 4bri-8 pci v2 carrier must be present before the modem considers it valid. This dialogic diva 4bri-8 pci v2 is only implemented for compatibility reasons. Writing to this register does not affect the Carrier Detect Response time. Delay between carrier loss and hang up. Sets the time in tenths of a second that the modem waits before hanging up after a loss of carrier.

Mandatory for POS.

Supported Boards

S-register is a read-only register. Reading this register allows to retrieve information on the current last incoming call. Enable "multimoding", i. Valid modulation tags are 0x27 for V.

Shield empty frames. This mode enables a tty application to send and receive empty frames.

Since a frame with a length of 1 byte is invalid in the V. The data byte in a real 1 byte frame is replaced by a unique value 0xff. A single byte frame 0x27 indicates or issues an dialogic diva 4bri-8 pci v2 frame in V. A single byte frame 0x28 indicates or issues an empty frame in V. Write allows to set coded in accordance with Q. Read after disconnect provides coded in accordance with Q. Second origination address.

This number is placed as the second origination address. Specifies the numbering plan identifier for the second origination address.


Number should be in the range If number is set to or larger then octet 3a presentation and screening indicator is not used. Specifies the presentation bits [] in octet 3a of origination address and screening bits [] in octet 3a of origination address for the second origination address.The Dialogic® Diva® BRI (ISDN Basic Rate Interface) Media Boards provide one The Diva 4BRI-8 PCI board shares the same features with its PCI Express. Diva BRI-2FX PCI v2. Diva UM-BRI-2 PCIe v2. Diva BRI-2M PCI v2. Diva UM-4BRI-8 PCI dialogic diva 4bri-8 pci v2.

Dialogic Diva 4BRI-8 PCI v2 network drivers

Diva BRI-2M PCIe v2. Diva UM-4BRI-8 PCIe v2. Diva 4BRI-8M PCI.

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