Eating Carbs and Proteins Separately As a Healthy Diet Plan

carbs and proteins separatelyLet me just say that I’m not a diet or a fitness expert and I cannot give professional advice on these matters. However, I am into fitness and have tried different programs and I can definitely share my personal experiences. One of my experiences that I like to share is an approach to diet or just overall eating where you separate eating carbohydrates and proteins. And by the way, not only is this good for your health but it can also be very good for your wallet because you may end up saving a lot of money eating this way. It’s

Why eat carbs and proteins seperately?

There is a notion in the fitness world that it is a good idea to eat carbs and proteins separately. There are different theories and explanations for this but the most common one is that it’s easier for your body to process and digest food when you follow such a plan. On the other hand, if you eat a bunch of different stuff and combine carbs and proteins in the same meal then you are putting more stress on your digestive system to process that. Not only is it more stressful for your body but it simply can’t process everything correctly. That means that it can’t extract as much of the good stuff out of the food you consume as it could if you ate these food groups separately.

As with anything else, this is a theory and it is debatable and there are saladdifferent opinions in the fitness world. But I can say that I have not only tried this approach but this is how I have been eating for the last year and a half and I feel that it is a very healthy approach. Once I started eating this way, I didn’t feel the difference right away but after about a week or 10 days I definitely started feeling the difference. I just feel much lighter and not bloated after each meal and I can almost feel that my body is not struggling to digest the food I eat. In fact, proof of this is the fact that I now get hungry faster which means that it’s easier for my body to digest the foods which in turn allows it to digest food faster. Personally, I feel that it’s a good thing. I eat more often but smaller amounts of food in each meal. And as mentioned earlier, there is also a financial benefit to this approach. If you’re going to make a decision to eat this way then most of the time you will be cooking for yourself instead of eating out, which is a likely to allow you to save a lot of money.

Let me also mention that all in all I’m not a health nut. What I mean is that I pretty much eat everything including occasional pizza. But when I eat I just separate carbs from proteins. As an example, you will never see me eating combinations like meat with potatoes or pasta with meat or sandwiches with cheese. I will eat meat and fish and cheese and beans which are all proteins. But I will eat this stuff with vegetables and separately from foods like potatoes and pasta and rice and bread.

These are just a couple of short examples and this definitely works for me. It’s not to say that this is the only way to eat but I have absolutely found that this is a healthy approach to eating that makes me feel the best. And I won’t lie – I do like the financial benefits too!