About Me

picture of JackieThis is Jackie and thank you for visiting my blog Dubrovnik-Accommodations.info.

Let me first tell you the story behind the name of this website. While I live in Chicago now, I grew up in Croatia. Dubrovnik is the name of a beautiful vacation spot on the Mediterranean Sea in Croatia where I used to go often with my family. In fact, I still go there every so often and some of the best and most creative ideas have come to me while I was there. Therefore, I thought it would be fitting to name my blog after that place, which has so much significance for me.

I work as a freelance and creative writer and I research and come across a ton of interesting and useful content. So the purpose of this blog is to share some of those interesting things with my readers. The content is very diverse and ranges from service reviews to good product reviews I have come across to tips and suggestions on various topics like fitness, personal finance and much more.

My visitors have many different interests so by covering such a wide spectrum of topics I hope to maximize the value that I deliver. My goal is to deliver valuable content that will help my visitors save time and money in their everyday life.